Get your learning pathway back on track.

Gippsland Learn Locals offer pre-accredited programs that are short courses designed for learners to gain confidence and skills.
They focus on creating pathways to employment and/or further education.

These courses address the particular needs of those adults who have experienced barriers to education in the past.

The SPALG project recently collaborated with V Line to promote our courses across the rail network in Gippsland.

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Promoting Learn Local

V/Line and Public Transport Victoria have partnered with Gippsland Learn Locals to help people get their careers on track.

Gippsland Learn Local posters have been installed at train stations across the region and encourage commuters to go online and access the course guide.

Christopher discovered a rewarding career at Interchange Gippsland after completing a Disability taster course.

Drones the new digital literacy

This video showcases the work of two Gippsland Learn Locals, Warragul Commuity House and Buchan Neighbourhood House in developing an entry level course on drone operations for adult learners in Gippsland.

Kickstart your Career in Call Centre Operations

GEST, in partnership with Aussie Broadband have delivered this course twice in Morwell, with excellent employment outcomes.

for me it was really good because I was a stay-at-home mum for 10 years and I had lost my confidence. The eight weeks of building your skills backup and knowing that I do have those skills and that I can get back into the workforce was invaluable, for me it was a refresher”
— Trish
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