#techfest at the Gippsland Tech School

On the 22nd November a group of Learn Local tutors, learners and members of the wider community gathered at the Gippsland Tech School in Morwell, to be immersed in a range of next generation technologies.

The day was facilitated by InfoXchange’s Digital Springboard and Think.digital, as part of their commitment to the Learn Local #Gippslanddigital project.

The tour of the tech school was an eye opener and very exciting for everyone - ranging in age for 20 - 60! We were all keen go back to school! We met Baxter the robot, and his smaller friends, observed laser cutting, and 3D printing (all part of advanced manufacturing techniques and the future of work), and discussed the various programs participants can do around Health and Food and Fibre. The spaces are generous, interesting, and very exciting.

InfoXchange delivered 2 workshops - the first was an introduction to coding, using Google Sheets, and the other an introduction to producing a 360 degree video. We even got to shoot a short video with Baxter as the main attraction!

Everyone is keen to come back and learn more. This is definitely a space Learn Local should also be involved in and develop courses for adults who have missed out on these wonderful new and emerging opportunities.

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