What is #Gippslanddigital? Josie Rose explains.

The #Gippslanddigital project was funded over a period of 18 months, through and ACFE Board Capacity and Innovation Grant. During this time the project conducted a bootcamp, a roadshow and a range of online and face-to-face professional development activities for teachers, as well as engagement activities for the Gippsland community.

During 2019 we are able to offer the mentoring expertise of 2 of the project’s most talented and committed teachers: Pauline Garood and Thomas Crosbie.

Pauline and Thomas are here to support Gippsland Learn Local teachers before and during the teaching of any of the following modules below.

These modules and teaching materials have been developed in partnership with Think.Digital.

  • Digital Basics

  • Digital Marketing

  • Website essentials

  • Social media

  • Selling online

  • Introduction to Virtual Reality

We have teacher and learner workbooks, as well as course plans and session plans available. There are also some instructional videos.

If you would like to get in touch with our mentors, please contact Josie on info@gippslandlearnlocal.community, and we will put you in touch with a mentor.

Online learning sessions:

Session 1:

Introduction to G Suite by Thomas Crosbie. http://bit.ly/2HJqPWo Click on the link and wait for the session to download.

Session 2:

Topic: Google Apps for Teaching By Pauline Garood. https://bit.ly/2Z0K97O Click on the link and wait for the session to download.